These are our core beers, available throughout the year.

Settle Brewery




Settle Blonde 3.6% abv – Pale straw coloured blonde ale with full flavour and a well balanced hoppy finish make this a perfect session ale.





Mainline Bitter 3.8% abv – Proper Yorkshire Bitter. Full bitter flavour balanced with a hint of fruity sweetness.


SIBA North East Beer Competition, August 2017: Gold Medal Winner 


Just the Ticket


Jericho Blonde 3.6% abv – Light and refreshing, brewed using US cascade hops our Jericho Blonde offers bright notes of honey and a subtle floral aroma with a crisp, clean finish.



Ribblehead Bitter 3.8% abv – Traditional copper coloured Yorkshire Bitter, a perfect balance of malt and subtle hops.




Attermire Session IPA 4.2% abv – Packed with hops, our IPA is balanced with the finest English Malt to make this a mouth-watering session ale.


Nine Standards Craft Ales



No.1 Golden Ale 4.1% abv – Flavoursome Golden Ale with a hint of Blackcurrant for a crisp fruity fresh finish.






No.2 Pale Ale 4.3% abv – Hoppy citrus flavours are perfectly balanced with earthy bitterness in this classic premium Pale Ale.





No.3 Porter 4.7% abv – Classic robust porter; black and creamy, with a heady mix of rich caramel and coffee.


SIBA North East Beer Competition, August 2017: Gold Medal Winner Bronze Medal Winner for Overall Cask Ale Champion



No.4 Amber Ale 3.7% abv – A rich malty Amber Ale with fragrant hops, hints of citrus and a spicy nose.


September 2015: SIBA North East Beer Competition – Winner of the Standard Bitters and Pale Ales and Bronze Medal Winner for Overall Champion.

March 2016: SIBA National Beer Competition – Silver Medal Winner National Champion Standard Bitters And Pale Ales.